Package: soundkonverter
Version: 2.0.4-1
Severity: important

Apparently the amd64 binary package was built against packages:

$ zgrep -- -dmo /usr/share/doc/soundkonverter/buildinfo_amd64.gz
libavformat53                            7:0.10.3-dmo1
libfaac0                                 1:1.28-dmo3
libx264-124                              3:0.124.2197+git69a0443-dmo1
libswscale2                              9:1.2.2-dmo1
libavutil52                              9:1.2.2-dmo1
libaacplus2                              2.0.2-dmo1
libxvidcore4                             3:1.3.2-dmo1
libavcodec53                             7:0.10.3-dmo1
libmp3lame0                              1:3.99.5-dmo2
libavutil51                              8:1.0.7-dmo2

Please build your packages in clean environment!

Jakub Wilk

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