This should have gone to #738172 and not #738712 :)

/me wondered what pkg-kdeextras had to do with this :-P

On Wednesday 05 March 2014 17:07:31 Don Armstrong wrote:
> 16:07:57 <pabs> dondelelcaro: does the BTS know about source package
> renaming? #738172 16:20:41 <pabs> ah, we discussed this before, I remember
> now
> 16:29:49 <dondelelcaro> pabs: I've actually already got some code for it
> 16:29:54 <dondelelcaro> pabs: but currently it doesn't
> 16:32:00 <dondelelcaro> (it's actually not too terribly difficult; you just
> walk through the changelog) 16:51:55 <pabs> could you mail the bug about
> that?

7: Hay diferencia entre "cortar" un archivo y "borrarlo" o "eliminarlo"
    * Depende cuando se "cuelgue" Windows
    Damian Nadales

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