On 03/18/2014 06:20 AM, Dmitry Smirnov wrote:
Dear Miklós,

Your bug report is incomplete. Which application exhibit this behaviour? How
can I reproduce it? What version of "libgtk-3-0" you have installed?
Is it any better with "gtk3-engines-oxygen/1.3.4-1"?

Please always report versions of installed libraries as `reportbug` does.


Dear Dmitry,

I didn't mention application names, because *every* gtk3 application that has a filechooser dialog exhibits this behavior when gtk3-engines-oxygen is installed. I have gtk3 3.10.7-1, which is the newest in unstable. Anyways, this report can be closed, because the new version 1.3.4 seems to fix this issue.

I used reportbug-ng to create the bug report, as always. I don't have any idea why it didn't include the installed versions. Maybe it became a bit grumpy after being left unmaintained for years.


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