> It would be great if Kile PDF viewing worked by default on non-KDE installs - 
> particularly as KDE is not the default for testing.  Currently, after install 
> kile, in order to view a PDF generated by kile, one has to modify the PDF 
> tool (settings->Conf. Kile->Tools->Build->ViewPDF->Command), or attempts to 
> view the generated PDF fail with a message in the log area "failed to start". 
> Several possible solutions jump to mind
> * exo-open
> * A KilePDF script to detect and launch available binaries
> Either of these would make Kile "work out of the box" as an editor under 
> non-KDE installs!

exo-open is Xfce-specific.
However, there's xdg-open, which is more general and would therefore
IMHO be more suited.

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