Hi Jordi, and thanks for this interesting report!

One point I'd like to see discussed is the Bluez5 transition:

Le vendredi, 2 mai 2014, 01.26:15 Jordi Mallach a écrit :
> We finally discussed how to tackle Bluez5. Bluez 4 is the current
> release available in Debian, which is dead upstream and deprecated
> since late 2012.  GNOME 3.12 only supports Bluez 5, while the rest of
> Bluez users in Debian (including KDE, Xfce and other environments)
> haven't been ported yet to Bluez 5.

For what is worth, the KDE Bluetooth stack (Bluedevil) has a new 
upstream version that supports Bluez5: 2.0~rc1. It's mostly an upload 
away and I might help the Qt-KDE Team out by just "doing it" soon… It 
works fine here at least.

>                                     Both releases are not parallel
> installable, so we concluded that a potential solution could be to
> upload Bluez 5 as “bluez5”, and let it conflict with ”bluez”
> [BLUEZ5BTS]. Desktops would then recommend their supported release
> instead of depending on it, which would allow for parallel
> installation of different desktop environments, while respecting the
> bluez conflict.

Given that Bluez4 is already deprecated for a year (and will be for two 
at freeze time), I'd rather be leaning towards moving to Bluez5 as soon 
as possible to "force" the various environments to migrate (but I'm not 
a Bluez maintainer)…



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