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Presents HERCULES 450
Available 110 / 220 Volts

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First grinding machine in the world with "DCS" System.

Hercules series introduces the innovative DCS System that puts in one machine 
only the features of two different ones. Using the Hercules in counter rotating 
modality it is a performing grinding and polishing machine for concrete, marble 
and natural stone floors. Using the machine in DCS System modality the speed of 
the satellites is increased turning the Hercules in to a high performance 
industrial floor preparation machine. Suitable for fast removal of resins and 
glues, for fast exposing of the aggregates and for fast levelling of very 
uneven surfaces

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Levigadora con sistema “DCS” y velocidad variable.

Primera levigadora Klindex con sistema DCS “Double Cutting System”. Gracias a 
esta función innovadora, insertando simplemente una clavija es posible bloquear 
la rotación del plato permitiendo la sola rotación de los diamantes. Así que la 
nueva Hercules se transforma de una levigadora planetaria contra-rotativa ideal 
para la levigadura y el abrillantado a una máquina de alto rendimiento para la 
remoción de resinas o para la preparación de pisos industriales. El planetario 
con engranajes y sistema antishock hacen la nueva gama Hercules fiable y 
robusta en cada situación y su nuevo bastidor con corte láser le da un design 
italiano inconfundible.

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Main features - Principal rasgos - Video with exclusive DCS System

• Working width 450 mm with 3 size 200 mm tools.
• Speed of tools ranging from 450 to 1000 rpm.
• No noise during the work.
• Auto levelling Planetary System.
• Unmistakable Italian design.
• Strong gear box with thermo-hardened steel gears for a longer life.
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