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> I have some questions for packaging/maintaining simon pkg.

> 1) For debian/changelog, where can i check for new upstream
> release (if exists).

The debian/changelog file is unrelated to the new upstream releases. You'll
need to add a block for each version you package, but to check for new
upstream releases the tool to use is uscan.

uscan uses the information that is in the debian/watch file. For simon it
points to:

Currently, ftp.kde.org is deprecated, so we should change the watch file to

The latest release was done in June 2013, but the git is still active, so if
you want you can have a look at the changes:

> 2) For debian/control, to check for changes in B-D and Depends.

Last time I've checked, the package built correctly as it's commited in the
repository. So I would guess that the build dependencies are fine. If you want
to verify that this is still the case, you'll need to build the package in a
chroot. Using a tool like pbuilder helps you with that.

To check the dependencies is a bit harder for a program such as simon that
requires access to many resources. However if you want, you might be able to
install the virtual machine with a bare Debian installation, install the
simon package there, make sure that the microphone is accessible to the vm and
test if everything works.

> 3) For debian/copyright, if i can adopt it as it is or to
> create a new one.

The copyright file seems to be missing several mentions. So, yes, there is room
for improvement, I wouldn't start it from scratch, though.

A tool like licensecheck can help you with the heavy lifting.

> 4) For debian/rules, i need to know if i can add "get-orig-source"
> because i use pbuilder as build option.

To download the source code you can use uscan:
$ uscan --force-download

uscan is the tool used by default in the Debian packages, so I don't think it
needs a get-orig-source rule.

The steps to go from a cloned repository and a source tarball to a buildable
state are explained here:

About the guidelines, it recommends to use:
$ git config core.excludesfile debian/upstreamignore

But the debian/upstreamignore is a file commited in the repository of the
qt4-x11 source package. So you can skip that step and add a .gitignore with:

> 5) For debian/watch, if debian/rules change where can i head it
> to bring .xz tarball to be able for build.

I'm sorry, I don't understand this.

> 6) For debian/paches, i checked and saw that patches not ended
> as .patch so quilt can test them.

quilt works fine with filenames without the .patch extension.

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