I'm using Digikam 4.0.0-1.  From the system tray Device Notifier, i pick my 
Nexus 4 and Download Photos with digiKam.  DigiKam opens, opens the importer 
window, and does not crash.  The process

digikam --import-from-udi  

spikes the CPU.  It did not look like my usage of hard drive space was growing. 
 The second digiKam window becomes unresponsive.  I killed digiKam 3 times.   
Starting it the 4th time, it said the download completed, whatever that means.  
Again, not responsive.

The only 2 files updated in ~/Pictures are

2014-06-04-22:42:23.0225448020 ./thumbnails-digikam.db
2014-06-04-22:42:32.4185443710 ./digikam4.db

At first the import window is responsive.  Looks like i have 1,763 pictures.  
The slider on the scroll bar will jump up, as if hundreds of new thumbnails 
just loaded. Then it freezes.

I will now try the copy-before-import method.


Brian DeRocher

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