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retitle 750567 startx does not propagate the logind session

>From discussion on IRC, the problem is that the logind session that
gets created when I login on the text tty doesn't get propogated to
the X11 tty.

It can be seen by running 'loginctl show-session <id from loginctl
list-sessions> and observing Active=no

There is a workaround: to run 'startx -- vt6' instead of just
'startx'. I have no clue why this works, or why logind can't do this
automatically, since 'ck-list-sessions' manages to know. Maybe startx
has special logic to get consolekit to work? All I know is that I
don't have an ~/.xsession or ~/.xinitrc and startx used to do the
right thing before logind came around ... but why does passing the tty
number to the X server during its startup magically make it work?

IMO it should be considered the responsibility of logind maintainers
to fix this bug, regardless of in what package, but apparently they
consider it everyone else's problem to fix their breakage.

I weep for systemd, because I love its architecture, but its community
of blame-shifting is unbearable. How am I supposed to explain to
people why I use linux, when I suddenly can't get wifi to work and
they call it "not a bug"?

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