Attached is a tested simple patch to do the autotools-dev fix for the
exiv2 version in unstable.

This has already been done in the exiv 0.24 in experimental, which has
been there for several months. Is there any reason not to upload that
to unstable now?

This is an important package is the whole KDE stack build-deps upon it
so an upload to fix it on the arm64 port would be much appreciated.

I'm happy to NMU either 0.24 or this fixed 0.23 for you if you are busy 

I did try doing the (generally better) dh-autoreconf fix on exiv0.23
but it doesn't work with the obvious patch as the is in a
subdir. I'm not sure if it's necessary for other ports (ppc64el) in
this case. If so this will need revisiting.

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