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We have been offering SMS Server Solutions, Hosted SMS Server Solutions and
Shared SMS Solutions to the Corporate Customers for Enterprise Messaging
Solutions and Services without any hassles of managing their own SMSC
infrastructure and by providing cost effective bulk messaging platform but
now we are also providing SMS Services to our existing and new and
interested corporate customers who need to send high quality transactional
SMS regardless of sms cost and promotional sms at very cheap cost.

For more details, Please visit

We offer sms at very cheap prices for international countries which
includes operators from, UAE, UK, Europe, West Africa, Middle East please
let us know if you are interested so that we could sent you our detailed
coverage and pricing for interested destinations.

Our sms are fully featured with dynamic sender id and delivery reports. The
thru put of our sms service is 1000-2000 sms per sec.

Products offered to use our sms services includes,

    WebSMS (Features included are Single, Bulk, Group, Personalized, One
time and Recurring Schedule Messaging Options, Address Book, Distribution
Lists, Credit Details, SMS Billing, Summary Reports, Detailed Logs and Full
Delievery Reports for each sms sent).

    Desktop SMS (Desktop Version for Web Based Users supporting Low
Bandwidth with the same above WebSMS features)

    Mobile SMS Client (Versions available for Symbian, Blackberry and
Android Phones).

    Excel Plugin (Send SMS directly from Excel Sheets, Send Custom or
Personalized SMS, Multiple Timezone Based Scheduling)

    SMS Gateway HTTP API (SendSMS, Check Balance, Check Delievery Status)
that gets easily integrated with any custom business applications using
PHP, PERL, ASP, VBScript,,, Java, C, C .

    COM DLL, XML API, PHP API, VBScript API, VB.Net API all comes with an
example code.

    We also provide SMPPv3.4 / HTTP connectivity to our clients.

    Multilevel Reseller Platform with Global coverage setup and Customized
Users Routing Optiosn (B2B Portal with Dynamic Website). (One time setup
fee waived off.)

    Shared SMS Server Platform (One time setup fee waived)

    Hosted SMS Server Platform (One time setup fee waived)

    Dedicated SMS Server Platform (Installation and Setup fees)

Using our different products you could run your own business with a more
feasible and flexible revenue generating models.If desired we can send our
technical specifications along with our latest international coverage list

Please check demo of our product and how its work.

[WebSMS Demo]

[Excel Plugin Demo]

[Reseller Webadmin Login]

Username = rdemo
Password = rd29demo

Features provided,

    Multilevel Reseller Panel could be created for customers.

    Routing Management to modify standard prices for each customers and
under user management using Routing option prices could be modified as
provided to the customers.

    Signup Activation could be set as per choice

    Payment Transactions could be seen for success, auto credits allocation
could be done as payment is confirmed online.

    Affiliate System available under Reseller panel could be integrated

    Google Analytics available under Reseller Panel to view traffic
visitors and do adwords too for lead capture and online conversion.

[Reseller WebSMS Login Demo]

Username = india
Password = 12345

Features Provided.

    Downloads link under websms panel that helps customers to download
everything which includes mobile apps, excel plugin, desktop sms, http api
and smpp platform.

    Personalized SMS feature already available.

    Excel, CSV and TXT Uploading for bulk and personalized sms.

    One time or Recurring Schedulea

    Multi Language Support

    Users could send sms to any countries no single country binding.

    Online payment methods such as paypal available, customized payment
methods could be integrated easily.

    10-20 K batch of sms gets processed within 1-2 mins.

Main Features of Services:

    No hidden cost

    Dynamic Sender ID


    Delivery reports


    SMPP V3.4

    Global Coverage Accounts

    All accounts and products with Global coverage to send sms anywhere in
the world.

Should you feel interested in our services, please feel free to contact us.
Do let us have your feedback.

Thanks and looking forward to hear from you.

Thanks and Regards

Pranit Garate
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