Package: partitionmanager
Version: 1.0.3-2
Severity: important
Control: block 646130 by -1

According to, there is a new upstream
release, 1.1.0.  Could you please package it?

The reason I care about this is that I've found that this is one of the
blockers to moving to parted 3.1, because the current version of
partitionmanager tries to use the ped_file_system_clobber function which
was removed in 3.0, and the ped_file_system_resize (etc.) functions
which were removed in 3.0 and restored in 3.1 but now require linking
with -lparted-fs-resize.

If there is some reason why we can't move to 1.1.0 soon, I'd appreciate
it if you could attempt a backport of the relevant fixes.  You could
probably start with 0fe0fb40e725a2d1daecbe88a3ef8ed27c2ec669, although I
think a bit more would be needed.


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