Package: k3b
Version: 2.0.2

Kernel: Linux (AMD64) release 3.9-0.bpo.1-amd64
Debian Wheezy 7.6 plus backports
KDE: 4.8.4
wodim (9:1.1.11-2)
xorriso (1.2.2-2)

Dear Developers for K3b,

Thank you for all your hard work and maintenance of the K3b package.  I use it 
extensively and it usually works very well.

Recently, I began to use Blu-Ray discs (BD-R, BD-RE, and BD-RE DL) for backup 
due to the size of my burgeoning data.  At this point I discovered that many 
instabilities exist with cdrkit and growisofs relating to blu-ray discs of all 

i) cannot detect the disc is already formatted
ii) cannot simultaneously format disc prior to sequential burn
iii) is highly unstable insofar as will "work" one in ten times
iv) size detection of disc and corresponding ISO/UDF image is erratic
v) cannot perform "backups" such as preserving permissions very easily
vi) will not burn the jigdo Debian 7.6 blu-ray discs (had to use xorriso on 
the command line (this is probably the easiest method to recreate the problem)

---- BREAK ---

I removed wodim (cdrkit) and installed cdrskin (the wraparound cdrecord 
replacement for xorriso) but K3b became even more unstable.  I only got K3b to 
recognize cdrskin after I installed a Debian Alternatives manually.  K3b never 
recognized cdrskin automatically.  When I completed the Alternatives it made 
K3b less useful for buning NON-blu-ray discs; hence the reason I am submitting 
this bug report/update.

Please consider integrating xorriso as a freestanding backend for K3b...


Please consider using the libburn4 library as mentioned in the report from Mr. 
Danchev above.

Thank you,
Mr. C. Cropper

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