Hi again,

> libkscreen triggers a crash in kded4 and/or plasma-desktop when I plug out
> the only active monitor (which should result in the internal screen of my
> laptop being re-enabled).
> I reported this upstream [1] and there is a patch there.
> Please consider backporting that patch: While KDE has fairly good
> recovery measures for both of these processes to die, I still fear stuff
> will randomly break because its kded4 state got killed, and I sometimes
> loose stuff I wrote into the notepad on my desktop that Plasma decided
> not to save yet.

For some reason, this got worse this morning: I am no longer able to use
kscreen appropriately. When I disable the internal laptop screen (e.g.,
to work on an external screen exclusively), kscreen crashes and the
previous configuration is restored. This makes kscreen completely unusable.

Please consider backporting the patch I mentioned in the initial report:

Kind regards

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