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EFFECTIVE Performance Management Masterclass 
29 - 30 October 2014 | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

What are the strategies to success through people and performance?

          By attending this 2-day workshop, it will impart skills and 
techniques that are essential and critical in ensuring a better performance 
management system is used in your organization to increase productivity and 
profit in a whole.

Course Benefits

- UNDERSTAND the key issues in building an effective Performance Management 

- DISCOVER the 10 essential components and systems for effective Performance 

- GAIN insights into successful Performance Management system of many world 
leading organizations 

- BENCHMARK the best practices of world class organizations 

- ESTABLISH the crucial link between strategy and daily actions and operations 

- ENHANCE your understanding in Performance Management system to meet global 
challenges and competitiveness 

- LEARN how to implement Performance Management effectively 

- FORGE the strategic connection between performance, communication, and 

- IMPROVE the way to effectively reward performance through positive 
recognition System 

          Facilitator's performance solutions are used by over 70% of 
Australia's top 100 companies, thousands of government organizations, as well 
as hundreds of small and large organizations in the USA, New Zealand, South 
Africa, UK and beyond. Some of facilitator's clients include:

Coca Cola | Mobil | Hilton Hotels | Nestle | TNT Express Worldwide | Kimberly 
Clark | Hitachi | Zurich Insurance | M&M Bars | BHP Steel | Walt Disney | Kodak 
| Natural Gas Pipeline | Toyota | Dupont | Canon | General Electric | 
Hewlett-Packard |Cathay Pacific | Shell | NEC | Caltex Oil | Johnson & Johnson 
| Fuji Xerox| Toshiba and many more...

Facilitator's Testimonial   

'This is what we need: consultants who can tell us HOW to solve our problems.'

~ Joe Allen, Mossman Central Mill Co.

'Trainer is now considered one of the world's leading lights when it comes to 
managing performance in organizations '

~ The Corporate Manager




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