> > Version 2.0.2-8 is uninstallable now as it pulls in the full systemd
> > that will never ever end on any of my systems.
> > 
> > Version 2.0.2-7.1 was fine.
> Not really a k3b issue.  k3b needs udisks2 for reliable operation, so adding 
> the missing dependency is correct for k3b.  If there's an issue here, then 
> it's with udisk2's dependencies.  Reassigning.

It's also factually wrong, k3b can be installed without installing
systemd. I can run the following on my system:

$ sudo aptitude -s install systemd-sysv- sysvinit-core systemd-shim k3b

which clearly shows that there's no hard dependency from k3b to

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