To your attention,

     I would like firstly to apologize for this intrusion into your life. I
do not know you and even though I admit that it is very important to me. I
am Sonia Merchant, French origin, born May 17, 1965 in Toulon.

  I unfortunately suffering from cancer at the Gorge for over 3 ½ years, my
doctor has just informed me that I am terminally ill and that my days are
numbered because of my health deteriorated enough.

  I am a widow and I have not had the chance to have children, or near,
something I deeply regret.

In fact, the reason why I contacted you, I want to make Don a large part of
my property because I have no one who could inherit. I almost sold all my
belongings including a Rental Company Luxury Yacht, a Steel and plant
transformation of raw gold refined in Africa where I lived for 33 years now.

  A large part of these funds raised was paid to various humanitarian
associations characters around the world, but especially here in Africa.

As for the rest of the sum, which amounts to exactly *two million eight
hundred fifty-two thousand six hundred twenty Euro (€ 2,852,620*) on a
Personal Account Blocked, my last wish would be to make Don so that you can
invest a portion in your industry and especially in the humanitarian,
helping people in need and one for your personal needs.

I am fully aware of what I intend to do. I think despite the fact that I do
not know you, that you will make good use of that money. I beg you to
accept this legacy but nothing ask you in return if not always think that
do good around you, something I have not been able to do during my good
health. And not only my assets become the property of the government or I
currently reside.

That said, being relieved to have fallen on a responsible person and above
all good faith, I ask you to please contact me as soon as possible to put
you in touch with the lawyer who will handle the procedure in this donation
and the transfer of funds to you.


  Sonia Marchand
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