Package: icecc
Version: 1.0.1-1
Severity: serious


This package can get involved in a trigger cycle. The problem is that
it installs interests on /usr/lib/gcc with files there provided by
cpp-4.x, g++-4.x, gcc-4.x, gcc-4.x-base, libgcc-4.x-dev, libobjc-4.x-dev,
libstdc++-4.x-dev and libstdc++6-4.x-dev, which are directly or
transitively depended on by icecc itself.

A solution to the above is to simply switch the triggers to their
noawait variants, in this case from «interest» to «interest-noawait»,
as long as they are not critical for the activating packages, which I
don't think is the case here. Otherwise a fix might unfortunatly be
more involved.


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