Believe you me or not, sending extracted emails is like wasting time fetching 
water with basket because

1 as you are extracting emails other people were as well extracting the same 
emails and while working your client more than hundred people are as well 
working him or her from other walks of life.

2 you bomb the same person over and over again because any time you extract 
you, 1, you ignorantly extract the same emails 2 you extract blacklisted mails 
or old dead emails

3 the waste of it all is buying emails from people who sales the same emails to 
100s of people and as well duplicate emails

If you want, I'll sale to you daily email leads that will give you good result; 
I was getting my leads every 3 or 7days but now i get daily update emails from 
IT man working with IRS IT department in US... Am sure you know what that means.

Am a Nigerian living in Nigeria, i know word Nigeria is discouraging but no 
email for text and if you cannot give me benefit of doubt, then do not waste 
your time contacting me. I hate stories and will not entertain any.

Good decision making in any business is key to success. I pray 2015 will be a 
better year for you and I.

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