On Thu, 15 Jan 2015 13:03:12 kittyofthebox wrote:
> Yes I use kde-config-gtk-style to change the theme.

Thanks. I have little hope for it to help but could you please try to change 
icon theme (under "application Appearance" -> "GTK - System settings") and 
make sure that alternative icon theme is different?

> Would be hard the breakage happened awhile ago, I have no idea where to
> start. I think it may have changed with an update to libgtk-3-0 but I can't
> be sure.

KDE GTK3 themes always break by the upgrade of libgtk-3-0 -- almost every new 
upstream release of libgtk manages to wreck gtk3-engines in one way or 
another. Read gory details in the following page:


> I also took the step of reinstalling every package on my system that was
> already installed and had the substring gtk in it. This had no effect on
> my problem.

I see... Unfortunately at the moment I'm clueless...

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