Package: skrooge
Version: 1.9.3-1
Severity: important
Tags: patch


(not sure whether this should be serious, but I doubt there'll be issues
getting that accepted into jessie.)

After upgrading from wheezy to jessie, I've started getting wrong data
in the Operations table, using the weboob backend (and its 'bp' module,
even if it looks to me that the problem really is module-independent).

I tried downgrading both skrooge and weboob to wheezy's version but I
stumbled upon other issues that prevented me from performing more
testing. Anyway, looking at the weboob import code, the csvcolumns has
hardcoded fields, meaning that any change on the weboob side can break

I'd suggest figuring out whether you can teach 'boobank' to output the
fields you're interested in (this would be a change on the weboob side),
so that you no longer need to maintain an hardcoded list.

And since you can't know when such a version would be available, I'd
also suggest a change on the skrooge side, which would make it use the
first line of boobank's output to determine which column is which,
making it more resilient.

In the meanwhile, you'll find a patch that works for me (as in: the
imported operations seem to contain the right data for all columns),
updating the above mentioned 'csvcolumns' variable.

Thanks for considering.

diff -u skrooge-1.9.3/plugins/import/skrooge_import_backend/weboob.backend skrooge-1.9.3/plugins/import/skrooge_import_backend/weboob.backend
--- skrooge-1.9.3/plugins/import/skrooge_import_backend/weboob.backend
+++ skrooge-1.9.3/plugins/import/skrooge_import_backend/weboob.backend
@@ -38 +38 @@
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