retitle 762950 digikam: Removes all images from database when unaccessible 
mount is found
severity 762950 grave
found 762950 digikam/4:4.4.0-1.1


Setting the severity to grave

I'm upping the severity of this bug to "grave". "reportbug" describes severify "grave as follows:

  "grave : makes the package in question unusable by most or all
           users, or causes data loss, or introduces a security hole
           allowing access to the accounts of users who use the package."

"causes data loss" is exactly what happens here and also to Austin Clements.

I am using digikam exclusively to tag my fotos. So once I loose my tags I've lost hours of work invested over years. IMO it's completely unacceptable to loose users' data.

How to reproduce

What happened here is that there was a mounted partition hanging around of a uncleanly terminated chroot which digicam could not access.

It wasn't visible in "df" either. I had to use "findmnt" to see it.

Once I had started digikam 4.4 from jessie for the first time, my Album was empty and most photos were not tagged any more.

I stopped digikam, unmounted the problematic partition, restored /where/my/pictures/live/digikam4.db from backup, restarted digikam and voilĂ , there were my tags again.
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