Package: digikam
Severity: serious
version: 4:4.4.0-1.1 
usertags: license-problem-cc-by-nc-sa
control: block -1 by 787347


Could you please clarify the license of extra/libkipi/pics/kipi-*.svg, 
claimed on source to be cc-by-nc-sa, thus non free.

You could push the burden on packaged libkipi by removing the extra/libkipi 
directory and build dep on 
libkipi (BTW decreasing file size on our archive)

If it is really a non free image please purge these files.

If it is a false positive please override like in
and add a changelog entry and a full explanation on debian/copyright. You may 
ask upstream to remove this cc-by-sa-nc tag on the svg file

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