I am currently ripping my music collection using Amarok hosted on
plasma-desktop using Debian 8.x on a AMD 860K FM2+ (4 core) cpu, ATI 6870
HD graphics card and a Creative X-Fi Gamer sound card. All drivers are
taken from the Jessie free repository.

Certain music cd's (e.g. P!nk - Funhouse, Red hot Chilli Peppers - By the
Way, etc..), will be detected and shown as added via the notification
panel, you can open the audio cd via Dolphin however the Amarok GUI will

Attempting to close Amarok will result in a "Force termination" dialog, if
you force close Amarok top shows kiouser suddenly using 40% (of a single
CPU core), the plasma-desktop process then begins to grow in CPU usage up
to something like 97% (of a single CPU core).

The only way to escape this is to restart plasma-desktop ('killall
plasma-desktop' and then a straight 'plasma-desktop' works).

This issue is only affected by specific cd's,  I can rip dozens of CD's
without an issue but this is consistently happening on ~13.

Please let me know if you need logging or the complete list of DVD's
causing the issue, the CD's are all read fine in Windows Media Player 11 on
a different machine. The machine in question has 2 DVD drives and 1 Blu-ray
and all 3 drives cause the issue with the same CD's.
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