Good morning to you: 

Please, don’t be offended at this mail, I write to you because I need your 

My name is Brigitte Mobio; I'm from Ivory Coast (Cote-d’Ivoire), 19 yrs. 

I wish that you consider me as a close friend and not some distant stranger. 

This is because my life is directly connected to the help that I am asking you. 

I am an heir to the sum of 4million US$; the fund is in a bank here in our 

The fund was actually deposited by father in the bank in 2011, during the post 
electoral crisis that provoked the civil war in our country. My father was a 
politician; sadly he was shot by the rebels when they entered Abidjan in April 

Well, about 3 months ago I contacted the bank so I could have access to this 

The bank actually confirmed the existence of the fund after verifying the 
deposit document of the fund and my ID card information. 

But, the bank insisted that they cannot treat my application with me alone. 
They informed me that it is necessary that I present an elderly family member, 
tutor, or a lawyer as my witness. And this is my number one problem because; I 
don’t have any reliable family members here to help me. Since death of my 
father, my stepmother and my paternal uncle abandoned me concerning my 

Besides, my first intention is to get the fund out of our country because of 
the present political situation. Even since after the 2011 war there is so much 
insecurity, divisions, ethnic violence, kidnappings, killings etc, in our 
country. You see why I cannot trust anyone from here to help me. Moreover, 
there will be another presidential election in just three months and the 
atmosphere is already panicking. 

This is why I need your sincere help to get the fund out the country and 
thereafter help me come to your country to continue my education. I mean that I 
would like to present you to the bank as my tutor. Thus you can help me to 
negotiate the transfer of the fund to your personal account in your country. 
And equally help me come to your country. 

Please help me if you can because I really want to continue my education in 

And I promise you that your help will not be in vain. The fund will be under 
your management for a time. And you can have 20% of the fund first for your 
help. And afterwards we can go into business together as friends, partners etc. 

So when I receive your response to this mail I will send you all information. 

I look forward to your mail. 

My regards, 

Ms Brigitte Mobio 

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