Cyril Brulebois <k...@debian.org> (2015-01-25):
> Package: skrooge
> Version: 1.9.3-1
> Severity: important
> Tags: patch
> Hi,
> (not sure whether this should be serious, but I doubt there'll be issues
> getting that accepted into jessie.)
> After upgrading from wheezy to jessie, I've started getting wrong data
> in the Operations table, using the weboob backend (and its 'bp' module,
> even if it looks to me that the problem really is module-independent).
> I tried downgrading both skrooge and weboob to wheezy's version but I
> stumbled upon other issues that prevented me from performing more
> testing. Anyway, looking at the weboob import code, the csvcolumns has
> hardcoded fields, meaning that any change on the weboob side can break
> it.
> I'd suggest figuring out whether you can teach 'boobank' to output the
> fields you're interested in (this would be a change on the weboob side),
> so that you no longer need to maintain an hardcoded list.
> And since you can't know when such a version would be available, I'd
> also suggest a change on the skrooge side, which would make it use the
> first line of boobank's output to determine which column is which,
> making it more resilient.
> In the meanwhile, you'll find a patch that works for me (as in: the
> imported operations seem to contain the right data for all columns),
> updating the above mentioned 'csvcolumns' variable.
> Thanks for considering.
> Mraw,
> KiBi.

> diff -u skrooge-1.9.3/plugins/import/skrooge_import_backend/weboob.backend 
> skrooge-1.9.3/plugins/import/skrooge_import_backend/weboob.backend
> --- skrooge-1.9.3/plugins/import/skrooge_import_backend/weboob.backend
> +++ skrooge-1.9.3/plugins/import/skrooge_import_backend/weboob.backend
> @@ -38 +38 @@
> -csvcolumns=||date|mode|comment||payee|amount
> +csvcolumns=||date||mode|comment||payee|amount

Ping? The diff is trivial and I've just got bitten on another machine.
It would be nice to have this fixed at some point…


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