Package: src:kmess
Tags: sid stretch patch
Blocks: 803158
Usertags: giflib5

Planning an update of giflib to the current version 5.1.1. Giflib slightly changes it's API, requiring soureful changes. There are some options for getting giflib5.1 support:

- Look for a newer upstream version, if upstream supports
both giflib4 and giflib5.1. Upload the new package,
and close the bug report.

- Patch the code to both use the NEW API. This can be done using
<giflib5 code>
<giflib4 code>
Please upload the package, and close the report.

- Unconditionally patch the code, not supporting giflib4 anymore.
Please upload a package to experimental once giflib5 hits

For the latter two options, please see a patch at

To test your changes before giflib5 is found in experimental, please use

deb ./

Thanks, Matthias

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