I am Prince Alwaleed bin Talal from Saudi Arabia, the Chairman of Kingdom 
Holding Company(KHC),an investor and a businessman. I have decided to donate my 
entire$32 Billion to Charity using an automated balloting system to give 
out$500 thousand USD to 10 lucky beneficiaries around the world.I am pleased to 
inform you that Your email address was among the emails which we resubmitted to 
us by the Google, Inc as an active web user used for the draw and your email 
address came out as the 4th lucky beneficiary world wide.You have been approved 
the grant of $500 thousand USD as my charity support to help empower women and 
the youth in your community. Please contact me for processing by stating your 
Full name and Address via (princebintta...@hotmail.com)


Alwaleed bin Talal

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