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Hi List,

I've tried to reproduce the build failure and it turns out that the
FindMarble.cmake file is in a path that is not in the default cmake
module search path.

If the search path is passed to cmake with EXTRA_CMAKE_ARGS, digikam
compiles successfully again.

Also the libsoprano-dev dependency is no longer a problem, because
digikam build-depends on kdelibs5-dev, which (now?) depends on

I hope that helps in at least building digikam again, making it easier
to look into the other remaining tickets.

PS: If you test the patch locally, don't forget to increment digikam's
version number! libstdc++6 in sid has a "Breaks: digikam-private-libs"
on versions <= 4:4.4.0-1.1+b2 defined.

I must add that although it compiles, it does *not* start out-of-the-box
on my system, it now crashes with the following error message:

*** Error in `digikam': realloc(): invalid old size: 0x0000000000c21f80 ***

Maybe someone with more C debugging skills can look into that?  (or
maybe it is an issue with my system)


- Danny
diff -ru orig/digikam-4.4.0/debian/rules digikam-4.4.0/debian/rules
--- orig/digikam-4.4.0/debian/rules	2014-01-18 00:19:58.000000000 +0100
+++ digikam-4.4.0/debian/rules	2015-12-13 14:39:07.711699472 +0100
@@ -12,6 +12,9 @@
+# Location of FindMarble.cmake
+EXTRA_CMAKE_ARGS += -DCMAKE_MODULE_PATH=/usr/share/marble/cmake
 	dh $@ --with kde --parallel 
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