Hi pkg-kde-extras@lists.alioth.debian.org,
My name is Mr. Mohd Suhail Amar Suresh Abdullah. I am the Group Chief  
Technology Officer of MayBank in Malaysia and a trained auditor working for the 
bank as a larger entity that covers the entire region.
 I have taking pains to find out your contact, using the deceased last name.I 
am contacting you for a safe and profitable proposal that will benefit both of 
us if you are interested and trustworthy, please reply back and let 19s work 
towards taking advantage of this profitable situation.
We will leave out the further details of this transaction till we receive an 
affirmation of your desire to participate. You can be rest assured that we are 
on top of this situation all the time and there will be no risk whatsoever if 
you elect to come on board. Needless to say, utmost confidentiality is of vital 
importance if we are to successfully reap the immense benefits of this 
Mr. Mohd Abdullah
Fax No: +60 321 784 859

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