Package: k3b
Version: 2.0.2-8


I find that on Jessie the k3b package requires running a systemd-based OS.

  k3b depends on: udisks2
  udisks2 depends on: libpam-systemd
  libpam-systemd depends on: systemd

This is even more baffling when you consider that the Jessie version of k3b is
2.0.2-8, whereas the Wheezy version is 2.0.2-6. So there are probably no
actual systemd-using changes in the program to mandate its requirement.

Running non-systemd init systems such as 'sysvinit' and 'upstart' is also
a supported configuration in Debian Jessie. But their users can't currently
install k3b without breaking their systems.

Can you please reconsider to update the dependencies so that systemd is not
required to use k3b.


With respect,

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