My name is Melanie Blum; I was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I am 
married to Simon Blum who passed away recently. When my late husband was alive 
he deposited the sum of $13,000,000 which were derived from his vast estates 
and investment in capital market both in the UK and USA.

Recently my Doctor told me that I have limited days to live due to the 
cancerous problems I am suffering from hence my contacting you to utilize the 
funds by creating a charity foundation called SIMON BLUM  FOUNDATION to fight 
against the spread of cancer and educate people on early detection.

Contact our family lawyer with this specified email address below you by 
quoting my personal reference number 
Law/chamber/solicitor/rt/Mit/WILL/78bwf5200B along with your full names and 

Barrister Earl Gilbert
Email: earl_gilber...@aol.com

Remain blessed.
Yours truly,
Mrs. Melanie Blum

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