Package: digikam
Severity: grave

on line 22 Digikam defines as build dependency:

mysql-server-core-5.5 | mysql-server-core

This should be changed to:

mysql-server-core-5.6 | virtual-mysql-server-core

Or if you prefer MariaDB:

mariadb-server-core-10.0 | virtual-mysql-server-core

In Martin
Steigerwald reports he used Akonadi with MariaDB and I assume that
the same core-package works with Digikam too.

It is up to the package maintainer to choose what is the primary
option, but the alternative should be the virtual-* package that is
provided by all variants. In fact you MUST have this
virtual-mysql-server-core to also support any future versions of the
databases, e.g. mysql-server-core-5.7.

More information at:

Thank you!

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