I built KMyMoney myself on Debian unstable/sid latest Plasma/KF5/KDEPIM 
packages using kdesrc-build

Actually it was quite easy with a working kdesrc-build setup:

- I also installed quite some devel packages cmake requested
- For online banking
   - I installed aqbanking devel packages
   - I installed gwenhywfar devel packages including the one for Qt5 GUI
- I used kdesrc-build to compile the following in the given order
   - alkimia (qt5 based version not yet packaged in Debian)
   - kdiagram (did not find it in Debian)
   - kmymoney

That gave me a nicely working KMyMoney application with support for receiving 
transactions via HBCI/FinTS.

I also imported transactions from my credit cards via AQBanking CSV importer.

I then went through all transaction in my usual way.

Also GPG support is working.

It all worked out very smoothly, so I think at least for experimental Qt/KF 5 
based KMyMoney would be in order.

I will continue to test for a while as upstream does not yet recommend it for 
production use and can report back at a later time.

Only thing I found is a new consistency check on saving the data which 
complained of transactions before account opening data and things like that. 
But it corrected most of these myself and the other one I corrected manually.

So, so far, so good.


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