From:Ms:Fatima Yusuf.

For sure this mail would definitely come to you as a surprise, but do take your 
good time to go through it, My name is Ms.Fatima Yusuf,i am from Ivory Coast.

I lost my parents a year and couple of months ago. My father was a serving 
director of the Agro-exporting board until his death. He was assassinated by 
his business partners.Before his death, he made a deposit of US$9.7 Million 
Dollars here in Cote d'ivoire which was for the purchase of cocoa processing 
machine and development of another factory before his untimely death.

Being that this part of the world experiences political and crises time without 
number, there is no guarantee of lives and properties. I cannot invest this 
money here any long, despite the fact it had been my late father’s industrial 

I want you to do me a favor to receive this funds into your country or any 
safer place as the beneficiary, I have plans to invest this money in 
continuation with the investment vision of my late father, but not in this 
place again rather in your country. I have the vision of going into real estate 
and industrial production or any profitable business venture.

I will be ready to compensate you with 20% of the total Amount, now all my hope 
is banked on you and i really wants to invest this money in your country, where 
there is stability of Government, political and economic welfare.

My greatest worry now is how to move out of this country because my uncle is 
threatening to kill me as he killed my father,Please do not let anybody hear 
about this, it is between me and you alone because of my security reason.

I am waiting to hear from you.

Yours Sincerely,
Ms.Fatima Yusuf.

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