2015-09-19 15:08 GMT+02:00 koos vriezen <koos.vrie...@gmail.com>:

> Before, I could upload tar balls to kmplayer.kde.org. Due to many
> changes  at kde.org, I give up on maintaining this page. Git tags are
> fine too IMHO.

Now full packages are available https://kmplayer.kde.org/download.php
for 0.11.5b (kde4) and 0.12.0a (kde5)
I forgot that tag links don't have the po/doc directories included.

> Note, I'm porting to kde5 in the 0.12 branch. I think it might make
> sense to keep the kde4 version as long as konqueror is kde4 based.
> Tjhe 0.12 branch works fine too, except thus embedded in konqueror.

Still true, but 0.12.0a has HiDPI fixes that aren't in 0.11.5b.

Koos Vriezen

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