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Source: gammaray Severity: serious Justification: Policy 7.2

You are trying to install a package from stable using testing to solve it's dependencies, that's not going to work. This is not a policy issue (also, 7.2 is not about archive consistency, afaik).

gammaray was removed from testing, almost a year ago, as part of a qt transition. The later uploads haven't build in all the required arches needed to migrate from unstable to testing again.

When attempting to install (through aptitude or apt-get) the dependancy to the virtual package qtbase-abi-5-3-2 somehow prevents this to complete.

That's working as intended, the gammaray in stable was built against qt 5.3.2, and as gammaray uses internal qt parts it will only work with the specific qt version it was built against.

If you just want to install gammaray, you can use the version currently in unstable. If you want to help gammaray so it's in testing again, please consider trying to fix build failures in arm,armhf,mips,mips64el or requesting the maintainer to drop gammaray from those architectures.

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