It's been on my TO-DO to look into this package.  If you have tested packages 
ready for upload, I would be willing to consider sponsoring them.

Scott K

On October 31, 2016 4:02:17 AM EDT, Maximiliano Curia <> wrote:
>¬°Hola Mark!
>El 2016-10-31 a las 10:11 +1100, Mark Purcell escribió:
>> I no longer maintain this package.
>> I would suggest you take up the cause as requested at bug #788701.
>> On 30 Oct. 2016 18:54, "Esokrates" <> wrote:
>>    The package "partitionmanager" has not seen any upgrade since
>>    There have been major releases in that time, see:
>>    I would be happy to get an reply,
>The neon project is maintaining an up to date partition manager:
>It's usually a good idea to try to sync our packaging efforts with the
>ones in 
>Also, please, keep the maintenance of the package under the kde 
>extras umbrella, so the rest of the team can work on it from time to
>And, it would be better if the package maintenance is moved to git.
>If you need help with any of this, please join to #debian-qt-kde @ 
> or ask in the pkg-kde-talk mailing list (
> )
>At least I was planning to work on partition manager after stretch is 
>released, so I would prefer if it's not orphaned, but I don't mind if
>else takes care of it.
>Happy hacking,

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