Brotherhood of the Cross and Star.(BCS)
Mill Hill Bethel the Ridge way,
Mile spit London NW 1QU
United Kingdom

With due respect , is our pleasure to reach you that, Brotherhood of the Cross 
and Star (BCS) is a religious organization and was founded in 1956 by Leader 
O.O.Obu, and It differs from mainstream religions and it is a spiritual society 
 personified that gives attributes of both God and human understanding ability 
which is now through at the globes, BCS incorporates into ideas of 
reincarnation and traditional  since the 1990s it has be made millenarian 
religion society  which give trust, humbleness and  enrich you as a member.
For your information we are approaching you to be a member of the Brotherhood 
of the cross and star, and when you become member we will  provides you great 
opportunities internationally as new member and you will  also help us to 
initiate new members., and this BCS society is for love and unity.
Here are the features: as new member we will open a chance of life time 
opportunity for you, firstly membership certificate will be issue to you for 
proper recognition, and you will have the opportunity of a life time as a 
And if you are interested kindly revert back to us for more details, and join 
us to enjoy the world of riches, and for your kind notice we will send you our 
membership form to fill, thank you.
Our sincere regards
Brotherhood of the cross and star
General Service assistance
Drr.Robert Williams
Isonews Dept

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