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My name is Dr. Weber Heinz Equity Research Analyst at UBS Investmentbank in London.

I have decided to search here -under for our two mutual benefit described in the execution of the transaction with you a confidential collaboration and to hope that you will keep it a top secret because of the nature of the transaction, during our bank year audit .

I discovered an unclaimed / canceled fund sum (GBP £ 15 million pound sterling) in the bank account, which (Late Mr Hockmiller) belongs to a Mexican businessman who unfortunately lost his life and the whole family in a plane crash. Now our bank has been waiting for none of the relatives to claim to come-up, but no one has done that. I personally have been underneath any of the relatives for several years now, I am looking for you for your approval to you as the next family member / beneficiary to the deceased so that the proceeds from this account are worth £ 15 million British Pound Sterling} you can be paid what we share in this percentage, 65% for me and 35% to you. I ask all is your greatest sincere cooperation; Trust and the highest confidentiality of this project.

I have carefully prepared the moralities for the execution of this transaction under a legitimate arrangement from a breach of the law protecting you both in your country and here in England when the funds are transferred to your bank account. I will provide all relevant documents that are requested by UBS to indicate that you are the legal beneficial owner of this legacy and the UBS bank are the funds to please you any further delay in your examination and acceptance of this offer Please send me the following information as stated below, so we can continue and get these funds to transfer your bank account immediately.

-Your complete name:
-Your Contact Address:
-Your Direct Mobile Phone Number:
-Your date of birth:
-Your job:
I expect your rapid response and re-entry so we can start this transaction immediately.

Best regards,
Dr. Weber Heinz
Office: 44 03-333-8804
Fax: 44 03-333-8805
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