Sorry for not responding on this. I don't really use digikam for video
files and the few videos I had in my digikam collections still did not
run after.

However upstream has dropped QTmultimedia for video handling and uses
QtAV (which in turn is based of ffmpeg). Unfortunately QtAV is not yet
in debian (,
however upstream provides debian packaging already, which worked almost
fine for me (buildep without -nc flag resulted in an error). This will
take effect in the upcoming 5.4.0 release due at the end of this month.

On 01/11/16 15:59, Steve M. Robbins wrote:
> Hi Martin & Simon,
> In my testing yesterday, I found that before the "fix", NONE of my video
> files played on digikam.  After I built with ENABLE_MEDIAPLAYER=ON, then
> at least some of my videos played.  But not all of them.
> I wanted to ask whether this matches your experience. 

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