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> your package includes some files that seem to lack sources
> in preferred forms of modification (even if removed during clean target).

No part of the resulting binary package comes from files that are not in their 
intended form of modification.  I acknowledge there are extra non-source files 
in the source tarball *that are not used* to create the binary.

> According to Debian Free Software Guidelines [1] (DFSG) #2:
>  "The program must include source code, and must allow distribution
>   in source code as well as compiled form."

Digikam meets this test.

> In some cases this could also constitute a license violation for some
> copyleft licenses such as the GNU GPL. (While sometimes the licence
> allows not to ship the source, the DFSG always mandates source code.)

It requires all sources required to create the binary.  Digikam meets this 


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