My name is Mrs. Alice Abraham, i work with the BANK OF AFRICA
(BOA)here as a Manager in(Telex/Computer Section) BOA is an APEX
PAYING BANK IN AFRICAN, this bank and intermediary Bank that controls
every for foreign transfer from African to Abroad. I am in charge of
all payment into foreign bank account.I will help you release your
payment immediately and free or charge IF you would not deny me after
i helped you.

As i was going through the computer yesterday ,i saw your name and
your unpaid Inheritance Fund payment in Africa. which has been kept
for quite some time now unpaid due to some outstanding fees you need
to offset before your payment could be delivered or transferred to
you,though this your payment was sometime discussed with our Director
and they were planning now to cancel your payment due to you delay,
but this information i want to give to you now , do not discuss it
with our Director as i will not be happy if you do and i will abandon
it as soon as you inform him about this development, I DO NOT NEED

You see , i am ready to credit this your money into you bank account
just of Free Of Charge (FOC)since i am in charge here, i am given you
100% Assurance that i can do this for you, but on the ground that you
will give me 5%  of the total sum IMMEDIATELY this fund is credited
into your account just as soon as the credit is effected , i will
cover up every tracing point about this fund so that no one could
trace or find out about this fund again. I want to take do this so
that i will make some money to establish good business out there, and
also to take care of my lovely husband sickness who was suffering
brain cancer, and needed to be taken abroad for urgent professional
medication surgery.

Please if the above suggestion is ok by you ,do reply me immediately i
will inform you about the next step, .

Awaiting your reply

Mrs. Alice Abraham
(Manager Telex Remittance Dept. Bank of Africa)

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