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On Wed, Jan 11, 2017 at 10:41:08PM +0100, Simon Frei wrote:
> When you say missing, it's just the actual thumbnail missing, meaning
> file infos are there, but just some kind of empty frame or is there no
> trace at all of those images?

There is no trace at all of those images. To illustrate, I created an
album containing one of the affected images and only that image[0].
Clicking first on the "Thumbnails" button in the menu bar, one is given
a blank window[1]: there is no sign of any image existing in the album.
Then clicking on the "Table" button, one sees the previously missing
image[2]. Double clicking on the image in this view brings you to
"Prevew Image", where one can see a preview of the image, but one
notices that there are no images in the image selector above it[3]. This
is in contrast to the usual view of "Preview Image", where one can see
thumbnails for the current image and other images in the album, e.g.,
[4]. (Note that I only expect there to be one thumbnail in [3], that is,
the thumbnail for the current image.)

> Are any of the images grouped or were edited with the digikam editor
> (i.e. versioning is used)?

They were edited by Digikam without using the editor's built-in
versioning. I don't know if all of the ones experiencing this problem
were edited, but at least many of them were.  In essence, I'm working
with scans of multiple (n) pictures, and so I wrote a script that would
make n copies of the original scan using cp, each with a different
filename.  I would then edit (crop/rotate) the copies using Digikam. It
seems to be that the originals don't appear in the Thumbnails view,
though they do in the Table view. Moreover, the modified copies appear
in the "Thumbnails view" and they all appear as versions in the same
image history. See, for example, [5] and [6].

Please let me know if I can provide any further information.



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