Hello dear friend

I am happy to inform you of my success in transferring that fund.I have been 
helped by a partner from Cuba, so right now i am in Cuba with him, investing 
the money. But i did not forget your effort as you wanted to help me which did 
not materialized. I have left behind a bank ATM card containing $800,000 .00 
USD (Eight hundred thousand dollars) which i  prepared in your name. You can 
withdraw the money in your country or any ATM machine in any country in the 

You should contact the reverend father Emmanuel Bruno now and ask him to send 
you the ATM card which i have used to compensate you for your past effort 
towards me.

Name: Rev. Emmanuel Bruno
His email address is      ( revemmanuelbr...@hotmail.com )
Telephone: +228 93 57 16 18

Let me know when you get the ATM card so the joy will be complete.
Yours sincerely
Mike M Joseph

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