We have been hard at work to bring you our latest Blow-Off Valve model
based on the patented Synchronic technology. The R55 is a compact large
frame BOV with a 55mm valve designed for high flowing applications such as
centrifugal supercharger systems and speed density turbo systems. Each unit
uses the two chamber actuator design that is the hallmark of any Synchronic
device and also has a pre-load adjustment for fine tuning. Some key
features of this device are as follows:

Key Features

 Unique high flow 3 port trident sound signature
 Compact trident radial design with no diaphragm
 Impossibly fast actuation
 High flow 55 mm valve
 Push-only atmospheric discharge valve
 Boost holding to 100+ psi
 $199 MSRP any color

Key applications

 Centifugal superchargers
 Speed density turbo systems
 ECU solenoid controlled systems
 High flow applications
 Direct drop-in for kits using Tial 50mm BOV


 Tunable pre-load adjustment
 Improved throttle response
 Maximize boost response

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