It is that time of year, in the northern hemisphere anyways, to get that pride 
and joy out of the
garage and go for a cruise or a long drive. If you're suffering from exhaust 
drone in that crucial
1800-2200 RPM cruising speed, then the Synapse Engineering NoDrone product may 
just be the
inexpensive solution you're looking for. Results will vary, but the majority of 
customers are
telling us that NoDrone has made a significant impact on reducing or completely 
eliminating their
drone. Even after spending hundreds of dollars with changing mufflers, adding 
glasspack resonators
and all other solutions, NoDrone appears to address the very specific problem 
of resonant drone at
cruising speeds. Simple installation and low cost will amaze you at the results 
that this unique
universal solution provides.


 Locate position on exhaust
 Punch a hole less than the NoDrone diameter w/ hole saw or plasma
 Weld NoDrone resonator


 No impact on exhaust restriction
 No impact on horsepower
 Does not require changing alignment of exhaust system
 No cutting up your exhaust

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