Control: block 874961 by 823215
Control: block 875012 by 874961

Hi kmymoney maintainers,

as the Qt maintainers announced recently, Qt4 is about to removed from
the Debian archive in the future. If I read the bug log for #823215
correctly, a Qt5 port of kmymoney is under way, but upstream didn't
publish an official release yet. Martin Steigerwald mentioned he
succeeded to get a "stable enough" build that he is using.

I conclude that in principle it should be possible to build kmymoney for
Qt5. We (Debian) probably need to ping upstream and ask them to publish
an official Qt5 ready release. Once we have that, we hopefully can
resolve #823215, which will probably automatically resolve #874961 too.
After that the libgwenhywfar source package can drop the Qt4 support (no
other package than kmymoney build-depends on it).

I am updating the bugs's block relations accordingly.


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