In data domenica 10 settembre 2017 22:53:09 CEST, Micha Lenk ha scritto:
> as the Qt maintainers announced recently, Qt4 is about to removed from
> the Debian archive in the future. If I read the bug log for #823215
> correctly, a Qt5 port of kmymoney is under way, but upstream didn't
> publish an official release yet. Martin Steigerwald mentioned he
> succeeded to get a "stable enough" build that he is using.

The fact that "works for him" does not make it automatically
release-worthy material -- in fact, looking at the current Git master
(i.e. the current Frameworks branch):

  $ git grep -n TODO | grep -i port | grep -i kf5 | wc -l

(to catch comments like "TODO: port KF5" or similar)

> I conclude that in principle it should be possible to build kmymoney for
> Qt5.

Upstream didn't publish any Frameworks version yet, and considering that
kmymoney manages accounts and money, I'm not keen to upload
pre-release/unstable/alpha/beta/rc/etc versions.

Pino Toscano

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