Greetings to you my dear, please permit me to introduce myself to you, I'm Miss 
Angela Brice only daughter of late Dr.fabrice Brice,

As I am writing you and recently My Beloved Dad join his ancestors through the 
hands of evil politicianas who accused my father of supporting the past 
president Laurent Gbagbo who is now in prison in Holland and since then the 
rebels and supporters of the present government are seeking a way to eliminate 
my life after assassinating my father and by the grace of God I except from the 
hands of the rebels and ran to hide in Capital city of our country Abidjan 
IVORYCOAST for security of my life.

My father left a big amount of money with the bank USD 6.5 MILLION DOLLARS, and 
I don't know about this, it was on
 the 10th of October last year that our family lawyer kindly hand over to me 
the documents covering the deposit and the WILL my father wrote and the 
instruction on how I will utilize the money, Meanwhile I don't know what 
actually what to do with this money because of shattered brain and life line, 
that is why I contacted you so that you can help me and also help or give me 
suggestion how I will handle the inheritance and also help me to transfer this 
fund to your account over in your country for security of my life and the fund 
because right here i am scared of my life due to the threat by the supporters 
of the present president

My dear after the conclusion of the transfer of the money I will come over to 
your country to have peace and security and also to continue my education while 
you will search for a good business to invest the money,

Please it is a long story that if I started to narrate all of them to you, you 
will start shedding
 tears over there, but I will give you more details in your next mail but 
kindly bear in mind that I need you to help me out of this my bad condition and 
help transfer this money to your account and assist me come over there for 
security of my life and the fund and start a new life and destiny.Reply me for 
more details

Thanks and God bless you
Miss Angela Brice
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